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The career of the Bee Gees is one of the most successful, yet most fragmented, in pop history. Everyone knows the massive hit singles and albums of the Bee Gees, spanning an unbelievable 40 years of hit-making. But, in addition to their well-known Bee Gees material, the Gibb Brothers are/were all prolific songwriters, musicians and producers. Sometimes they would write and produce an entire album for an artist, sometimes they would just contribute an odd song. Sometimes they would even just appear on backing vocals. When that is combined with the fact that they also released solo albums and the fact that many artists recorded covers of their songs (both released and previously unreleased), the career of the Bee Gees is something of a maze for those wanting to search out their less well-known music. Oh, yes, and Barry and Robin Gibb continue to release music, so their catalogue continues to expand!

The purpose of this website is to catalogue all their currently available albums and singles in easily understandable sections. The categories can be seen to the left. The catalogue is accompanied by the incisive reviews of lifelong Bee Gees fan, Nicholas James, who gives you a balanced opinion along with reasons why you might want to buy the item. You can also read Nicholas James's essay on the history of the Bee Gees, available only on We also include links so that you can buy copies of the albums, DVDs and books new (or, in some cases, second-hand) from, the world's most trusted online retailer.

So, feel free to browse around the website and discover more about the amazing career of the Bee Gees. You are sure to find many surprises!

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